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How to Distinguish Good and Bad PE Plastic Bags


How to distinguish good and bad pe plastic bags
1. Polyethylene (PE) film:
The plastic bag made of polyethylene film is non-toxic and harmless, and can hold food, but the strength is deviation, can not withstand the temperature above 80 ℃, and has a certain air permeability, so it is not suitable to hold tea, spices, etc. for a long time. Items that absorb moisture and deteriorate, are commonly used to make plastic wrap.
Second, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film:
Plastic bags made of polyvinyl chloride film are toxic and cannot be in direct contact with food, so they are often used in the production of raincoats, tablecloths, bedspreads, curtains, handbags and other items.
1. Hand tearing method
After tearing, if it can be torn into a straight line, then this kind of plastic bag is a poisonous polyvinyl chloride film. If the torn gap does not follow a straight line, it is difficult to tear out a regular shape like plastic wrap. , then it is a non-toxic polyethylene film.
2. Combustion method
When the toxic polyvinyl chloride film is burned with fire, the flame is green, it is difficult to ignite, and it will be extinguished when it is removed from the fire. The non-toxic polyethylene ignites in a fire, accompanied by the odor of paraffin and dripping of oily liquid.
3. Jitter method
When the non-toxic polyethylene shakes, there is a crisp sound, and when the toxic PVC film shakes, the sound is low.
Four, touch method
The non-toxic polyethylene film feels like a layer of wax has been applied to the surface, which has a lubricating feeling. Toxic PVC film is sticky to the touch.
5. Immersion method
The two kinds of plastic bags are pressed into the water, and when the hand is released, the non-toxic polyethylene will float up, and the poisonous polyvinyl chloride film will sink.
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