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The difference between PE, PO, PP and PVC bags


If the most commonly used material for custom plastic bags is, most people will think it is PE, PO, PP and PVC. Although it is the most commonly used and most commonly used plastic bag production material in life, but "you" really know "them"?
PE bags are the most widely used one on the market. Externally, PE plastic bags can be divided into two types: translucent and opaque. According to the classification of density, it can be divided into two types of high density. Among them, low-density PE plastic bags are generally flexible; high-density plastic bags are more durable, and are also plastic vest bags that many supermarkets will provide to consumers. In fact, this kind of plastic bag is almost indistinguishable from PE bag, especially in appearance, both are transparent and opaque products. But the difference is that PP bags have stronger physical properties, more corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and tear resistance. We often see plastic packaging bags for toilet paper, and food packaging bags are all made of PP. One of the distinguishing characteristics of this plastic bag is that it is very hard when grasped by hand and is difficult to break in one go.
PVC bags are usually more expensive because they are mostly made into raincoats, quilt covers, etc. It has a transparent appearance, a hard texture and a smooth feel. However, it cannot be used in the food retail industry.
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